Mercenary Barracks

Home of your mercenaries after they survive training! The better and plentier these are, the more mercenaries you can house. Be careful! If it burns - All within burn too!

In order to attack other players or bandit clans you will need an army of mercenaries. You will need the Mercenary Barracks, the hired mercenaries will reside there until they are deployed into battle.
You can have a total of 4 Mercenary Barracks, the amount of mercenaries each barracks can hold is measured by barracks space. Each mercenary has his or her own required barrack space.

Extra Mercenary Barracks

To build 2nd Mercenary Barracks you need City Center level 3
To build 3th Mercenary Barracks you need City Center level 5
To build 4th Mercenary Barracks you need City Center level 8

Level Lumber Cost Stone Cost Might Cost Iron Cost Gold Cost Required CC level Build Time Health Barrack Space
1 2160 2160 - - 17 1 5m 4000 200
2 8640 8640 - - 52 2 1h15m 14000 260
3 34560 34560 - - 105 3 3h 25000 320
4 138240 138240 - - 224 5 8h 43000 380
5 552960 552960 - - 363 6 20h 75000 450
6 2211840 2211840 - - 550 6 1d16h 130000 540

Combat Boosts

You can temporarily increase your maximum available barracks space with these boosts. You can either buy the Recon Points 10% boost or the Gold Coins 25% boost. The Recon Points boost and the Gold Coin boost do stack!(2916 is the maximum barracks space you can get at max level and with both boosts)


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