Hiring Quarters

"Mercs are hired (produced) in this building."

Mercenaries can be hired in this building, you can have a total of 5 Hiring Quarters. You can have up to 4 queue slots each building in a total of 20 queue slots. You need space in your Mercenary Barracks in order to continue hiring more mercenaries.

Extra Hiring Quarters

To build the 3th Hiring Quarters you need City Center level 2
To build the 4th Hiring Quarters you need City Center level 3
To build the 5th Hiring Quarters you need City Center level 5

Level Lumber Cost Stone Cost Might Cost Iron Cost Gold Cost Req. CC lvl Build Time
1 2000 2000 - - 22 1 15m
2 21227 49529 - - 67 3 1h
3 93600 218427 - - 260 4 12h


You can temporarily increase the speed mercenaries are hired by buying these speed-ups. you can buy different types of speed-ups for different prices. Hiring speed-ups do not stack so you can only have 1 active at the time.


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