Diplomatic Protection

Diplomatic Protection is a temporary protection against enemy players attacks. When you have protection enemy players are not able to attack you.

Diplomatic Protection3

Diplomatic Protection1

Diplomatic Protection Rules

The Diplomatic Protection rules are the conditions where a player receives Diplomatic Protection.

4 attacks within 1 hour - 1 hour Diplomatic Protection.
40% total damage to a city - 12 hours Diplomatic Protection.
80% total damage to a city - 24 hours Diplomatic Protection.

Diplomatic Protection2

Diplomatic Protection Explained

War of Mercenaries Tips Tricks Group - Diplomatic Protection Explained04:03

War of Mercenaries Tips Tricks Group - Diplomatic Protection Explained

Battle Points and Diplomatic Protection

By knowing the Diplomatic Protection Rules you can also manipulate your attacks for maximum Battle Points gains.

Commonly used tactics are the 18% + 18% + 64% total damage attack combo. In this tactic you do 2 initial attacks of 18% total damage for a total of 36% total damage, this way you can launch a final attack to totally destroy the rest of the enemy city. This tactic is only usable in ranks below the Grand Masters League.

In the Grand Masters League most players is a 2 wave attack pattern mostly starting the first wave with Wom-Kong+Gentle Healer+Siege Tower doing between 25% to 34% total damage and then a 2 wave to finish off the enemy city. Another common way to attack for 3 stars is to make a first attack for 14% total damage and afterwards a main attack to finish off the city.

3 Wave Attack Tips

War of Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Group - 4 Badges04:40

War of Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Group - 4 Badges

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