Beast Cannon

"A mighty cannon, this one is the nightmare of beasts. It wounds beasts depending on their total health, so no beast is safe! Beware though it has limited ammunition."

The Beast Cannon is a defensive tower that only attacks enemy beasts who dare enter your city. This tower doesn't have a set damage value, it instead does a % of the total health of a beast. This means for each beast it does a different amount of damage.

Level Lumber Cost Stone Cost Might Cost Iron Cost Gold Cost Req. CC lvl Health Damage per Shot Range Build Time
1 5000K 5000K 3000K - 589 7 35K 2.5% 350 1d
2 10000K 10000K 7500K - 804 7 45K 3% 375 2d
3 20000K 20000K 15000K - 1018 8 60k 3.5% 400


4 25000K 25000K 20000K - 1140 8 80K 4% 425 4d
5 35000K 35000K 30000K - 1291 9 100K 4.5% 450 5d
6 40000K 40000K 35000K - 1383 10 110K 5% 450 6d


The Beast Cannon is the first defensive tower to have ammunition, the tower can hold up to 20 shots. After an ammunition is used you have to wait for a period of time before it is recharged.


Beast Cannon Explained

War of Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Group - Beast Cannon Explained02:42

War of Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Group - Beast Cannon Explained

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