Battle Points


Battle Points is our new feature which will make your battles more thrilling than ever. With this feature you can earn -or lose if you fail- battle points depending on your and your opponent's current Battle Points and climb up the ranks of the leaderboard.

War of Mercenaries - Battle Points Explained-101:35

War of Mercenaries - Battle Points Explained-1


How it works

From now on, when you attack someone you will see a progress bar showing the total health of the city based on percentage on the upper side of your screen.


This bar will fill up as you inflict damage to the enemy city and at the same time the damage percentage will be shown on the mouse over tooltip. The grayed out part at the right side of the bar shows the damage previously inflicted which means you cannot deal any more damage after that. An important thing is, the damage from catapults will not be counted towards the damage you inflict but it will fill the gray area, reducing the maximum amount of damage you can inflict. Walls are not taken into account for the total health of the city so they will not increase your progress, nor reduce the total health available.

As you start to inflict damage to the city, the green bar will fill up from the left. You need to reach to the red line to achieve victory and get one badge. Unless you reach that treshold, the result of the battle will be a defeat. If you inflict more damage and reach the following damage tresholds you will get more badges up to three. The number of badges you get from the battle will determine the level of success and at the end of the battle the victor will earn and the loser will lose Battle Points according to the level of success.

The difference between the current Battle Points of the attacker and the defender will determine the amount of the change after the battle. If the attacker's BP is higher he will earn less when he wins and lose more when he loses and vice versa. The more the difference, the more the change will be.

The level difference between the attacker and the defender will determine the damage threshold required for victory and level of success. If the attacker's level is higher, a higher percentage of the city must be destroyed to achieve victory. It is the same for attacking same or higher level players.

Each player will start with 0 and will earn Battle Points as they win battles against non friendplayers. You cannot earn Battle Points from your friends or the Clans. There is no upper limit for Battle Points and it cannot drop below 0 in any case.

You will be able to see the result of the battle and BP change from the Battle Report and Attack Logs.

These are the general outlines of Battle Points. You will discover more as you play.

Plan your attacks carefully, keep your defences strong and don't let your enemies take back your hard earned Battle Points.




When you won enough Battle Points you can start participating in Leagues. A League consist of 100 players who compete for the number one spot. A League lasts 1 week and while being in a League you get bonus percentages to iron production. The percentage bonuses get higher in higher Leagues.

Players who win the weekly Leagues receive a reward in Recon Points and during Golden Leagues they can earn the same reward but in Gold.

Each League is divided in 3 Divisions:

Division I League Name Grounds
Division II League Name
Division III League Name Heaven

Leagues Iron Bonus Explained

War of Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Group - League Iron Bonus Explained01:41

War of Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Group - League Iron Bonus Explained

Threshold Rule

New 1000 BP threshold.

The threshold is the difference in BP, so if the difference in BP between 2 players is bigger than 1000 BP you will not gain/lose BP.


Player500BP attacks Player3000BP.


Player500BP wins the battle, he will gain 0 BP and Player3000BP will lose 0 BP (the difference in BP is BIGGER than 1000 BP). Player500BP will get only the loot.


Player500BP loses the battle, he will lose 2 BP (-2 BP) and Player3000BP will win 2 BP (the difference in BP is BIGGER than 1000 BP). Player500BP will get the loot too.

Threshold rule doesn't apply to players above 3,2k BP (Grand Master).

Retaliation with no threshold rules.

When retaliating an attack the threshold rules mentioned above do not apply.

Note: This means that when a higher ranked player attacks a lower ranked player, the lower ranked player can attack the player outside his threshold and gain his points back. This is done by retaliating.

One problem is that the retaliation rule is only valid for 1 attack, after that the threshold rule will apply again. So make sure to plan your retaliations well.

Update to Battle Points Threshold rule.

In the 2014-06-04 Update the threshold rule has been moved up to 5000 BP.
This means that only players with 5000 BP and higher have no threshold limit (was previously 3200 BP).
Player between 3200 BP and 5000 BP will again have a 1000 points threshold limit.

Threshold Rule Explained

War of Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Group - Threshold Rule02:08

War of Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Group - Threshold Rule

The Grand Master Leagues

There are also some new changes to Battle Points. These changes are only for players who have 3200 Battle Points and Higher. Players in lower rankings have no changes.

Player who are in the Grand Masters have the following.

When defending:

The changes make it more difficult for Grand Masters to lose Battle Points.

Badge % have been moved up.
1st Badge - 25% (previously 18%)
2nd Badge - 65% (previously 55%)
3th Badge - 95% (previously 80%)

Also the number of Battle Points you will lose while defending has been reduced by 50%, now the maximum points you can lose is 30 BP (previously 60 BP). Also maximum points you can win from a successful defense have been reduced by 50%

These changes were made to make it easier for top players to keep their points, previously our BP rating system was too unforgiving and making it really hard to stay at the top. This was because top players were losing more points than they could win.

When a player with 3200 or more BP is attacking or is being attacked:


Grand Masters have increased difficulty in winning badges (ranking of opponent doesn't matter)

Badge % have been moved up.
1st Badge - 25% (previously 18%)
2nd Badge - 65% (previously 55%)
3th Badge - 95% (previously 80%)

Also the number of Battle Points you will win while attacking another Grand Master has been reduced by 50%, now the maximum points you can win is 30 BP (previously 60 BP). Also the points you will lose with a failed attack have been reduced by 50%.
This will make BP gains from attacking lower ranked players less too. But since attacking lesser ranked players already yield less BP halving that wouldn't impact the gain as much. The minimum gain of 1 badge = 1 BP, 2 Badges = 4 BP and 3 badges = 6 BP still apply.

Some examples:

Attacker 2200 Defender 3200
Loss = -2 BP (was -4 before).
1 Badge (25%) = 4 BP (was 8)
2 Badges (65%) = 16 BP (was 32)
3 Badges (95%) = 24 BP (was 48)

Attacker 3200 Defender 0
Loss = -8 BP (was -18 earlier).
1 Badge (25%) = 1 BP (Same as before)
2 Badges (65%) = 4 BP (Same as before)
3 Badges (95%) = 6 BP (Same as before)

Attacker 3200 Defender 5200
Loss = -2 BP (same as before).
1 Badge (25%) = 5 BP (was 10)
2 Badges (65%) = 20 BP (was 40)
3 Badges (95%) = 30 BP (was 60)

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